Been awhile!

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Decided I wanted to try and start blogging again. It’s been a few years since I’ve updated this, but better late than never right? 🙂 I’ll most likely be updating with crafts I’ve been doing lately.


Potted Plants, Flowers, and More! Oh My!

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Surprised to see a new post from me? Well, yeah, I’m lazy. *Shrug* Anywho…

These are all my spiffy potted plants on our porch! I gots Strawflowers, Morning Glories (which are in the white thing),  Hens & Chicks, Carrots, Lettuce, Banana Mint, Garlic Chives, Corsican Mint, Sweet Basil, Daisies, and Viola things! I love plants… 🙂 And then I have indoor plants too!

And then my flower photographic jackpot! I went for a walk to take some pictures of some wild white Morning Glories that grow along the canal by us, and ended up taking 66 pictures, most of flowers! And not all of em are the Glories! Click here to see all of the ones I kept.

Long time, no read!

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So, recently James and I went to Montana for free! To read about it, go Here!


Anyways, I’m also still working at Leonardi’s in Winco, though it’s getting a bit stressful right now. *Sigh*

What else, um… Ooh, I’ve started to grow some seeds. I love plants and want more in our place, and maybe some outside on our landing too. I’d love to grow some morning glories, but they tend to be hard core climbers, so I don’t want them to grab onto anything outside that I don’t want them to. :/

That’s all I can really think about right now. 🙂

Busy Life

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So it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this, if you couldn’t tell.

So in June, I got a job (finally!) at Leonardi’s Pizza, which is in Winco. So now I work at the same place as James, for the most part. Also at the end of May/beginning of June the two of us moved into an apartment. It’s so nice having our own place, and to actually say that I live with him now, hehe.

Oh, I also got an awesome bike. It’s an old beach cruiser I got for 75 bucks. She rides great for her age, hehe.

Anywho. I dunno when I’ll update this again. I feel like my life isn’t exciting enough to post about a lot, lol.


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So the other day I found this:
Birth of an AVATAR

Cool, right? Well I decided to try it myself. So, ta da!

(Click each image to see it full sized. )


James, my Fiance


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I finally uploaded a few pics of a skirt I made-ish awhile back. So I’m now posting them.

The skirt used to be a pair of Tripp short pants that didn’t fit anymore, but I still wanted to keep cuz I love Tripp pants. So I took out the inside seam, sewed the front together, and in the back I took a tutu a friend gave me and layered it onto another piece of material before sewing it into the back. So now I have a poofy butt, lol. Oh and sorry about the messy background. 😛

Also, this pic is from the other night. James likes messing around with layered shots, and discovered one called Brain Hemorrhage. So he tried it, and it worked awesomely.

OOH! And on another note, I may be getting a job soon! I haven’t heard back yet, but hopefully today or tomorrow they’ll call about an interview. So, ya.

Spring Break

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I feel like Spring Break is going to be busier than school was, and will be later.

I’m working on revamping ARR, such as new-ish name, new logo, more products, getting a domain, registering our name, making a new Etsy, and I think there’s something else. Not sure. *Whew* Ash got me a book on making your crafts be successful at getting money, pretty much. So that’s sort of my creature to take care of now.

Also still looking for a job, like bad. I really don’t want to work in fast food, but lately that looks like my only option. T_T Not having a job, and the whole trying to find one and such is really stressing me out. Some days I sorta wanna cry I get that frustrated and stressed. Blah.

Oh, and today I re-created three different t-shirts. I’ll try to post pictures later and such.