Spring Break

I feel like Spring Break is going to be busier than school was, and will be later.

I’m working on revamping ARR, such as new-ish name, new logo, more products, getting a domain, registering our name, making a new Etsy, and I think there’s something else. Not sure. *Whew* Ash got me a book on making your crafts be successful at getting money, pretty much. So that’s sort of my creature to take care of now.

Also still looking for a job, like bad. I really don’t want to work in fast food, but lately that looks like my only option. T_T Not having a job, and the whole trying to find one and such is really stressing me out. Some days I sorta wanna cry I get that frustrated and stressed. Blah.

Oh, and today I re-created three different t-shirts. I’ll try to post pictures later and such.


2 Responses to “Spring Break”

  1. Hey Robin why didn’t you apply for the census. If you you hurry you still can. Well If you wanna but it could give you a start to a resume.

  2. Heya! So excited about ARR! Too bad I am gone all this week, but we will totally get it going asap.

    Thanks for working on that and everything else, sis!

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