Oh Dear…

School is frustrating me, or more like money that is involved with school. I found out that Financial Aid won’t pay for the rest of my Baking classes, so once I finish this term, I won’t get any more money from Aid. So what does that mean? I’ll have to figure out another way to pay for the last 2 or 3 classes I’ll need after this term. I’ll probably try for some scholarships, but I think my main goal now is a job. (Ahh!) Also, I won’t get as much Aid this term because, and this I didn’t know until today, when you go to part time, grants get cut in half. Erg. So my nice big Pell Grant is now tiny. Another reason to find a job. And, of course, a job will help me be able to get me and James our own place. We’d need income from both of us to be able to pay rent on a place. So far, I put in an online app at one of the McDonalds, and is about to do like 5 more of those. And probably Burger King and all the other crap, er, fast food places.

Anyone know of any jobs in Eugene for someone with pretty much no experience? I need help, hardcore.


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